SINCE 1996, has provided only the highest quality musical output. We are proud to continue with this fine tradition, a commitment highlighted by our design of an entirely new web site. Basically this just means some cut-and-pasting Soundcloud widgets, but at least the fact that there has been an update since some of our fans were born gives the untrue impression of progress.


We hope that you enjoy this fine collection of music.

...and here's my Soundcloud account itself. Righteous!




Some of my stuff isn't on Soundcloud. Some of that stuff is linked below.

This stuff got made by PerISoft between 1994 and 2014. Some stuff that makes up that stuff was made by other people, like some sounds or the Bell Telephone ad at the top of the page. But even then I did a bunch of stuff to that stuff before I used it to make my stuff. So my stuff is copyrighted.


Please don't take it or use it without asking me.